Holistic Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

When doctors talk about your risk of cardiovascular disease, what does that even mean? They’re referring to your risk of having a heart attack, a stroke or heart failure. Why does this happen? Atherosclerosis is the cause, and this means buildup of plaque and thickening of your artery walls. Atherosclerosis is universal; we are all […]

What is a Naturopathic Physician?

Most people don’t know what Naturopathic Medicine is, and why would they? Unless you are unsatisfied with the level or quality of care you are receiving for a certain illness, you would have no reason to go searching for an alternative. Naturopathic Medicine has not reached its tipping point yet. This means that almost no […]

Where Did The Family Doctor Go?

“The Family Doctor” What does this mean anymore? Time  How long does your doctor spend with you? Time does not equal quality, but do you feel heard? Are they listening? Options  Does your doctor have a one-solution approach? Is it always a prescription or a surgery option? Integration  When you have multiple specialists, who wraps […]


The Facts Our world is becoming more toxic everyday. With the advent of pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals and chemicals we are exposed to toxins our bodies can’t easily metabolize or excrete. Instead our bodies store those into our fat cells for protection. As a result more people are becoming increasingly sick from exposure. Multiple […]

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