• I saw you back in January for a routine physical and for some general diet recommendations. I’ve been meaning to write, to thank you for such a wonderful experience. Going to the doctor is never fun but I enjoyed our conversations and you truly made me feel like an active part of the process. So thank you. Also I did not have health insurance and you called the lab to figure out a deal concerning my bill. I was so relieved when I got the lab bill. Thank you for working with me on that.

  • Dr. Rachel brings order to the chaos of treatment. She spends the time to get to know you and all of your concerns. I can’t thank her enough for her genuine insight, caring, and wealth of knowledge. Also, for those of you who might be on the fence about whether or not a ND is as useful as a MD, I was with you until I worked with Dr. Rachel. She is *not* afraid to send me to other doctors and doesn’t think all western medicine is wrong. She gives a very balanced and fair approach to medicine. One last thing, last year, Dr. Rachel was the first doctor to accurately diagnosis and help my partner. My partner had seen a number of other doctors and all of them missed the problem. Thanks to Dr. Rachel’s slow and steady approach to medicine, my partner is actually getting better.

  • Seeing Dr. Rachel is so different from going to a regular physician. She spends the time to figure out what’s going on and communicates her thinking and process to you (not the all-too-common attitude of medical matters being shrouded in mystery that some docs convey). She practices a kind of slow medicine that addresses more than just the elimination of immediate symptoms.

  • My experiences with Dr. Rachel over the last year have surpassed my expectations in every way. At our first meeting, I expected the usual first-appointment-with-a-new-doctor question and answer session, along with a routine annual checkup. By the time I left two hours later, we had discussed not just my health history, but also my personal goals and expectations – she really wanted to know what I thought a happy and healthy future would look and feel like so we could make a plan to get there together. Since that first appointment, Dr. Rachel has helped me uncover some very sensitive issues that have been undermining my health and happiness, and has given me positive tools to help me conquer them. She is open to questions, asks for feedback and follows up promptly with results and next steps. Her office is friendly and welcoming, and her practice at the Glow Natural Health Center is well coordinated with the other highly competent providers (acupuncture, massage and chiropractic) in the same building. I’d recommend Dr. Rachel without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a smart, honest and open-minded professional to guide them to a healthier way of life.

  • I really enjoyed working with you right from the start. You have such a lovely, easy going, and welcoming personality that I felt comfortable with you right away. You are very attentive when I talk about my health issues and I know that you are really listening. Plus, it always seems like we have exactly enough time to work together; I have never felt rushed at all. I know I was supposed to stay with the same doctor at the clinic, but I enjoyed working with you so much that I decided to follow you to different shifts as your schedule changed. Totally worth it.

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